Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Animal Collective announce extended February/March North American Tour dates

After seeing AC a few weeks ago, I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new tour, as I get to see them TWICE on it. Sometimes living in Jersey can be nice, squished in between Philly and New York right there. Although full tour dates haven't been announced, only a few states are off the roster right now, and let's hope for the fans in those states that dates there are announced soon. Otherwise, here's what's on paw-tracks so far.

February 21st - Boston @ Paradise

February 22nd - Montreal @ La Sala Rossa

February 23rd - Toronto @ Lee's Palace

February 24th - Lansing, MI @ Temple Club

February 25th - Chicago @ Logan Square Auditorium

February 26th - Minneapolis @ First Avenue

March 1st - Seattle @ Neumos

March 2nd - Vancouver @ Richard's on Richards

March 3rd - Portland @ Wonder Ballroom

March 4th - Sacramento @ The Library

March 7th - Los Angeles @ The vanguard

March 15th - Tucson @ Solar Culture

March 19th - Atlanta @ Variety Playhouse

March 20th - Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel

March 21st - Washington, DC @ The Black Cat

March 22nd - Philadelphia @ Starlight Ballroom

A March 23rd Webster Hall date is also up on their website, so get pumped New Yorkers. AC will give us another great show at a great venue. I'd say my favorite part about Webster Hall is that it's impossible not to dance, since when a few people get it going the floor just starts to rumble and shake, making the entire crowd start moving. If you're not excited about Animal Collective, let's hope you are now. Enjoi.

mp3s: Animal Collective - Purple Bottle

Tzadik and John Zorn

Yes, even though I would profess myself a lover of avant-garde and experimental music, up until a week ago I had been mostly ignorant of John Zorn and his Tzadik record label. I mean, I'd seen him everywhere(if you've ever browsed the experimental section at Kim's in NYC you know he's impossible to avoid), and I know Merzbow and other artists had put things out on his label, but I never really got into it. Luckily last week I picked up Zorn's newest work, Mysterium. And let me say, my eyes have been opened. Not only is Tzadik the container of an expansive world of free jazz, free and freak folk and avant garde compositions, but most of them are fantastic. This new and old world blend is refreshing, and it's sounds make my ears happy, to be succinct. It would take me a decade to list all of the bands which have been featured on Tzadik, but I'll simply say that you should check out most of them, and something out of their library is a great holiday gift for any avant-friends or people looking for simply beautiful music.

Tzadik label

The stone(John Zorn's avant garde club in the east village)

mp3s: John Zorn - Orphee


p.s. Sorry for my prolonged absence, it's good to write again!

Monday, November 28, 2005

band of the day

If you ignored my last post about the Fall of Troy maybe this time you'll actually check them out. Today, on (as in SPIN magazine) the band was named Band of the Day. Now I know that isn't any amazing accomplishment, but there's a damn good review there about them. So here's the link: BAND OF THE DAY: the FALL OF TROY review

now go read

ps. the author of the review mentions that fall of troy is best appreciated true. best live band i've ever seen. the best. end of discussion.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Daft Punk = hip=hop?! --Busta's Single Sampling Daft Punk

As a lover of hip-hop who has been DISGUSTED by the overabundance of Young Bucs and lack of KRS-Ones, Biggies, Cannibuses, and the like, I was pleasantly surprised the other night as I was tuned into hot97. It was a gamble going in, but what I heard amid the awful, uninspired R&B tunes and stereotypical crappy hip-hop was Busta Rhyme's Touch It. Let's be clear: the song isn't deep, and there are no bars(let alone 16) featuring any sort of prophetic wisdom. What the song is, however, is damned good.

Produced by Swizz Beatz, Touch It features a minimalist primal bassline supported by a Daft Punk sample. The words "Touch it, bring it, bay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, stop- format it" from Daft Punk's Technologic are slowwwwwed down and laid over this simple beat. Never in my life did I expect Busta to rhyme over a Daft Punk sample, but he does so with the flava any fan fell in love with him for. For the most part he's controlled and intense, but when the drums kick in and the beat intensifies(if only somewhat) so does he. In other words Busta’s flow is varied, animated, and he brings it back for the hood.

Give this song a shot(!!!) If not for the club-banger potential it has to offer, for the curious combination by which it has been materialized.

..Busta Rhyme's Touch It

ps- Most of the reviews of this song were positive, but there was one review I found completely ripping on the song for the mere idea of Daft Punk and Busta.

Monday, November 14, 2005

fall of troy: owns

the guitarist in fall of troy owns. listen to them...right now. i would have written more but i have to go to chapel. maybe more later.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Jana Hunter - Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom

Jana Hunter, the woman who I talked about when she did a split with Devendra, has released her new full length on Gnomonsong, the new label which she Devendra and Vetiver co-founded. Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom is a powerful experimental folk album, where each track highlights Jana's amazing voice in some way or another, from the feedback laced"All The Best Wishes" to the acoustic "Have You Got My Money."Although the instrumentals occasionally overpower her, her spectacular voice is able to shine through on every song. This album will hold powerful resonance with today's generation of folk-rockers. My highest recommendation.

mp3s: The Earth has No Skin
Have You Got My Money


Thursday, November 10, 2005

aight so the playlist.

1) the arcade fire - neighborhood #1 (tunnels)
2)Architecture in Helsinki- souvenirs
3) badly drawn boy- the further i slide
4) animal collective- grass
5) caribou- drumheller
6) the blow-jet ski accidents
7) album leaf- easter glow
8) belle and sebastian- dont leave the light on baby
9) mt eerie- with my hands out
10) m83- *
11) air- kelly watch the stars
12) cat power- shaking paper
13) radiohead- myxomatosis
14) sufjan stevens- flint ( for the unemployed and underpaid)
15) the beatles- happiness is a warm gun
16) fugazi- do you like me
17) wilco- kamera
18) scout niblett- relax
19) cocorosie- tekno love song
20) the microphones - karl blau
21) sigur ros- untitled 1
22) the books- explanation mark
23)rasputina - brand new key
24) devendra banhart - this beard is for siobhan
25) deerhoof - this magnificent bird will rise
26) sonic youth - surgar kane
27) yo la tengo - autumn sweater
28) y.a.c.h.t. - i will bend backwards
29) little wings- i am with you
30) xiu xiu - i lux the valley OH
31) the magnetic fields - a chicken with its head cut off
32) the double- icy
33) murder by death- killbot2000
34) olivia tremor control- black foilage animation 1
35) the unicorns- ghost mountain

Animal Collective announce brief North American tour in '06

Animal Collective has finally announced a 7 date North American tour in February/March '06. Although brief compared to their European tour, which will soon come to end, these 7 dates are a blessing considering the amount of work the artists are doing. Almost every member of Animal Collective has a solo or group outing planning for a release in 2006, and with the new stuff that's been showing up on tour, there's almost no doubt a new EP will be out soon.

11-10 Berlin, Germany - Volksbuhne *
11-12 Utrecht, Netherlands - SJU Jazz Podium *
11-13 Arhus, Denmark - Voxhall *
11-14 Goteberg, Sweden - Nefertiti *
11-15 Stockholm, Sweden - Sodra Teatern *
11-16 Malmo, Sweden - Chokladfabriken *
11-20 New York, NY - Webster Hall $
11-21 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall %
11-22 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre @
02-21 Boston, MA - Paradise
02-22 Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa
02-23 Toronto, Ontario - Lee's Place
02-24 Lansing, MI - Temple Club
02-25 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium
03-01 Seattle, WA - Neumo's
03-02 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richard's on Richards
03-20 Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel

* with Storsveit Nix Noltes
$ with Amandine, Excepter
% with Octis
@ with Amps for Christ

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

my b y'all

forgot the list

from last nights webcast

i'll post it when i'm not busy

i know you loved it


Monday, November 07, 2005

Los Gatos Negro

This band is so shrouded in secrecy that they don't have a website, you can't buy their albums over the internet or in anyway through the mail(only at distro-x shows), and pictures of them can barely be found. But know that they are wild, crazy, insane noise punk that will leave you dancing your ass off. And I know all this from the few tracks I've heard. Listen to these crazy, crazy bastards.

Don't have time to write so here's a brief synopsis.

Fast, wild, crazy dance-y punk from Bloomington, Indiana.

i can't tell you anything about this band. they won't let me. they don't even have a band name. they simply say when asked, "we are los gatos negros" (the black cats) because they are black cats. this CD is a special release. it costs only 2.00. however it is only available in person. they refuse to allow this CD to be sold through the mail. i am serious. PLEASE do not try any order this CD. your money will be returned or eaten. the only way to buy this CD is in person from the band, from me in bloomington, or from a plan-it-x touring distro. sorry. if you have any questions about this band you should ask bella.

bella says: " whether you're scared of them or think they're stupid or whatever, please respect that they don't want their music sent through the mail. in regards to how they sound/if they're good.... they'll change your outlook on music, the world, life. i listen to them incessantly. they are absolutely amazing. "

mp3s: Kill This Monster
Bedtime For Bonzo


BSR Radio Sessions

BSR Radio from Providence, RI has a great section where they do live sessions...over the phone. They have a range of artists play, from Thanksgiving to Hala Strana. Some of the sessions are definitely worth checking out, the sound is totally different because it's over the phone, and it adds a lot to some of these artists.

BSR Radio "Phoning It In" Sessions


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Black Mountain

These Candian rockers are bringing something back to rock and roll that the music industry has not seen in a long time: talent. Hailing from Vancouver, Black Mountain released their epynonymous full-length debut last January, and have been touring in support of it since. Growing out of the late-90s band Jerk with a Bomb, founder Stephen McBean molded his group into what it is now, an acid-blues band with tinges of folk and grunge here and there. Drawing heavily on the work of the infamous Velvet Underground, McBean and Black Mountain have nevertheless managed to cobble together a sound all their own. The most significant, stand-out difference is the presence of a striking female voice providing backing and some lead vocals. Amber Wells's wrenchingly emotive voice adds a whole new dimension to the desperation and depth of these songs.

The epic "Don't Run Our Hearts Around" combines the down-tuned paranoia of early Sabbath with the space-rock meanderings of mid-70s Pink Floyd, with the everpresent introspection of Kurt Cobain himself. With a tip of the hat to the Rolling Stones, "No Satisfaction" is a nice little rocker, and the opening song, "Modern Music" is a bite of the thumb to everything, well, modern. The centerpiece of the album, however, is the incredible "Druganaut." An acid-inspired song if there ever was one, it reminds me of the old adage, "Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to."

They do, indeed, have a MySpace (Here) and their official website (shared with the temporarily disbanded Jerk with a Bomb and McBeans classic rock-esque, lo-fi, equally awesome side project The Pink Mountaintops) resides at this address: Helmut. They just finished the US leg of their "world" tour, gigging with the slightly more known Blood Meridian. (A bunch of their - both bands - guitars and pedals were stolen in NYC). They've just announced the dates for their European tour with Dead Meadow, so if any of you happen to be in Utrecht this Friday, they'll be at the Ekko. Just in case.

The music industry definitely needs more acid-freaks.

Peace Love & Empathy

Thursday, November 03, 2005

plllaaayyyylist from tonight

this is the playlist from tonight:

1) Akron/Family- Running, Returning
2)Architecture in Helsinki- Where You've Been Hiding
3) Bjork- Desired Constellation
4) Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind theme
5) m83- don't save us from the flames
6) sigur ros- svefn-g-englar
7) tilly and the wall- night of the living dead
8) kimya dawson- its been raining
9) mt eerie- wooly mammouth's absence
10) animal collective- banshee beat
11) the blow- what tom said about girls
12) camera obscura- keep it clean
13) portishead- roads
14) the album leaf- twenty two fourteen
15) the microphones- i want wind to blow
16) scout niblett- fuck treasure island
17) mum- green grass of tunnel
18) beat happening- sea hunt
19) rasputina- my little shirtwaist fire
20) grandaddy- a.m. 180
21) y.a.c.h.t.- i needed a change
22) caribou- pelican narrows
23) the russian futurists- sentiments vs. syllables
24) mates of state- ha ha
25) dirty three- some summers they drop like flys
26) the unicorns- tuff ghost
27) badly drawn boy- the further i slide
28) the badger king- flee to me, remote elf
29) xiu xiu- clowne town


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Russian Futurists

Matthew Andrew Hart wants you to listen to good pop music. That's why he makes it. Our Thickness, his most recent release is a fun, poppy album which remembers that good pop music doesn't need guitars or drums or any conventional instruments in general. In fact, with just drum machines and synth for the most part on Our Thickness, it's anything but conventional pop. Hart's lyrics are "poetically poppy", intelligent, and the music is groovy. The Russian Futurists are one of the few artists that can actually make me dance(LCD Soundsystem has nothing on these guys), and if you know me, it's an accomplishment. Another pop group which managed to catch my eye, The Futurists are more than worth checking out.

For mp3s, tour dates, and music purchases all it takes is a little exploration of their website.



Domotic is the french experimental artist Stephen Laporte, and his unique blend of pop hooks, sonic landscapes and experimental beats create a noise which is amazing to listen to. His most recent album Ask For Tiger is an amazing foray into the territory of experimental pop, and I'd say it's a great success. Take a listen to this guy, it's enjoyable for anyone.

Buy/Listen to Domotic's latest album, Ask For Tiger, here, and watch a video of a track off Ask For Tiger here.

mp3s: Tonsil