Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Terrastock 6 radio broadcast rips

Haven't seen any actual bootlegs, but for now there are rips of the live radio broadcast on KJFC. Much thanks to the folks at IHM for digging this up. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Future Fest

Like No Fun round 2(round 3 counting PDX), except about a billion times more low-key. This one's in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and looks to be absolutely killer. Hoping to make it down there. Lineup:

A Fail Association
American Band
Black Meat
Clang Quartet
Emil Beaulieau
Carlos Giffoni
Endless Humiliation
Hive Mind
Moth Drakula
Oscillating Innards
Pedestrian Deposit

Information is almost non-existent besides the lineup, location and dates, but then again that's all you really need to know, right? It's June 2nd and 3rd at the Skylight Exchange which is somewhere in Chapel Hill.

Nightlight AKA Skylight Exchange
405 1/2 w rosemary st
chapel hill NC 27516

Come on, come all, and bring the noise...

Hey look, No Future Fest has a website, and a discussion group to join.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ex-Cocaine/Killertree Records

Ex-Cocaine is two stoned dudes from Montana, or somewhere around there. They just had an awesome release on Heavy Tapes called "Age of Times", and also have an LP on KillerTree Recordings called "Keep America Mellow" which is going to have it's second pressing soon. They're playing on WFMU right as I post this, and they were one of my favorite acts at No Fun Fest. Some seriously heavy, seriously psychedelic bongo/guitar jams. Incredible, check it out.

mp3s: Ex-Cocaine - Klondike(off "Keep America Mellow")

The WFMU set should soon be available to be streamed here.