Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ex-Cocaine/Killertree Records

Ex-Cocaine is two stoned dudes from Montana, or somewhere around there. They just had an awesome release on Heavy Tapes called "Age of Times", and also have an LP on KillerTree Recordings called "Keep America Mellow" which is going to have it's second pressing soon. They're playing on WFMU right as I post this, and they were one of my favorite acts at No Fun Fest. Some seriously heavy, seriously psychedelic bongo/guitar jams. Incredible, check it out.

mp3s: Ex-Cocaine - Klondike(off "Keep America Mellow")

The WFMU set should soon be available to be streamed here.



Blogger Fire of lovE said...

Cant find anywhere to buy Age of Times. Can you give me a hint ?

I love the keep america mellow album and cant get enough of that "shit"

Many thanks

5:55 AM  
Blogger Deaken said...

uh honestly no idea. i snagged a copy at no fun, but looking through distros and i don't see it either. might want to shoot heavytapes an e-mail, or killertree, dunno.

thanks for reading

8:33 AM  

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